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What is Word crack?

WordCrack is a game based on the famous game Boogle or Scramble with Friends, but with WordCrack, you can play online against other players. The aim of the game is to form as many words as you can in two minutes by joining some letters.

Several letters are appearing on the board arranged in a grid. You must form words by combining letters adjoining both vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Some letters have special scoring (triple letter, triple word, double letter and double word) . If you use them, the word will score additionally with that value.

How to use our cheat?

Enter the letters shown on the board. By using our english diccionary, we will show all possible combinations, best scoring words will be shown first. By pressing the space bar you can mark a letter as special scoring, we will consider this in order to calculate best scoring results. By using our tricks, you can become the best player in each game played in Word Crack.


Entra las letras que tienes en el juego, y te diremos, mediante nuestro diccionario, que palabras puedes formar con ellas, convirtiéndote en ganador/a en cada partida.

Si en una casilla pulsas la barra espaciadora, podrás marcar esa casilla como Doble tanto de letra, Doble tanto de palabra, Triple tanto de letra o Triple tanto de palabra.